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Calling all Aboriginal/Native American

gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people, their partners, friends, families

Calling all Aboriginal/Native American gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people, their partners, friends, families - you are invited to gather in the land of the Coastanoan Ohlone People. This is a weekend gathering for Native American Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people, their partners, family and friends to come together as a community. We will share a potluck dinner and gather with friends - and potentially make this an ongoing annual event in Indian Canyon. The gathering will provide a safe, healthy, drug and alcohol-free environment. This gathering is open to indigenous people and partners/allies/supporters.

If you are interested in joining please RSVP via the google form link below.

Please bring a potluck dish. Bring any camping items and gear, i.e tent, mats, sleeping bags/blankets, that you may need. We will provide drinking water, tea, coffee, charcoal, and a campfire. We also have a few propane burners and fire rings for cooking. Camping is rustic, with outhouse facilities and running water but no electricity. Evenings can be cool and the days are warm (80's). Bring sunscreen, folding chairs, hats, and whatever else you may need to be comfortable. If you are not able to camp, there are affordable motels located in Hollister (a 20 minute drive from Indian Canyon). 

There will be a potluck on Friday and Saturday nights. We will provide breakfast on Saturday morning, lunch on Saturday afternoon, and a light continental breakfast on Sunday. We are asking for a small donation per person to defray gathering costs - no one turned away for lack of funds.

This is sacred land, so we ask that whatever you bring in- you take out ... We encourage our guests to leave our place better than it was when you came. As part of the closing ceremony on Sunday, there will be a modest giveaway. Please bring something to share for the giveaway. 

Please note: We are following the same policy that other Two Spirit Gatherings across North America do, in order to keep this gathering a safe space for Native peoples: If you are not Native American/Indigenous to the Americas, you must be sponsored by a Native person who is attending the Gathering. There is a space on the registration form for non-Natives to list their sponsors.

Please RSVP via this google form so we can confirm how many will be joining us



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4th Annual Two-Spirit Gathering


Memorial Weekend - May 22-24


1 Indian Canyon Road | Hollister, CA

RSVP Here Please

Google Form - RSVP to IC gathering


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